GYTO K-1 Virtual Experience

Have you been enjoying all the fun of the Get Your Teach On K-1 Virtual Experience? It’s been an inspiring week full of amazing content from top educators and I’ve been so honored to be a part of it all! Missed out on the sessions? Well, Deanna has announced the following!

For those of you who missed out on the GYTO K/1 Virtual Conference, I will be opening it up again in mid-June. However, there will be a $60 charge for 30 days of access. There are costs involved with hosting the conference on a site, paying someone to manage it, and other costs involved. I’d love to be able to offer it for free again, but that’s just not possible. Most schools will pay for you to get 20+ hours of Professional Development so hopefully, this won’t have to come out of your pocket. Stay tuned for more information.

Stay tuned!!!!

Math Made Fun!

I absolutely love having time to visit Trisha’s classroom. No matter what time of day I walk in there I always see three important things: ENGAGEMENT, ACTIVITIES, and ENJOYMENT! She runs her classroom in station-based format with students working either individually, or in small groups, to accomplish goals she has set for them. And while it may be noisy, and look a little chaotic to the untrained eye, upon a closer look one would see there is a whole lot of learning going on!

Trisha’s 2nd Grade Classroom – Math Stations

This was her teacher led group working on coin values, addition, and money counting. What I loved most about this activity is that most curriculums would suggest she have students circling, labeling, or writing on a worksheet. But, Trisha is a big believer in the #mathismorethanaworksheet mindset, and it pays off big time when it comes to creating lessons that will engage and excite her students through active learning!

A favorite classroom item that we both share a big love for is the Osmo system! If you haven’t heard of Osmo, open a new tab RIGHT NOW and visit! You will be amazed at what these devices can do! Children “play beyond the screen” of the devices in your classroom and use handheld pieces to complete puzzles, solve equations, and more! A staple in Trisha’s Math station time is Osmo Numbers. Osmo Numbers is a numeral and dice game that takes the stress out of Math because is reminds students that there is always more than one way to solve a problem. Children explore an underwater scene and use pieces to build equations and earn fish for their aquarium! Do they get carried away sometimes? Does the room get loud with excitement? Does it look like they’re having fun? The answer to all of these questions is, YES!!!

How do you make Math a meaningful part of your day? We’d love to hear from you! Share your ideas with us on Instagram (@mrs_peterson2 @teacherslearn2) and on the Adam and Trisha Teach Facebook page!

5 More Days of DEALS!

Have you seen the deal Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc is running on their books?!?!!?! SERIOUSLY! Dave Burgess – the man behind the famed Teach Like A Pirate, and the co-owner of DBC, Inc, is running an amazing sale on books! You have until 12/20/19 to place your order and get FREE economy shipping on some amazing bundles – all of which include…wait for it…BOOKS FOR ONLY $10/ea. Here are just some of the amazing bundle deals you can get!

Those are just three of the bundles you can currently find on the site! These books are amazing reads for teachers, administrators, educational professionals, and more! They will also make great gifts for a teacher in your life, or for a student pursuing a degree in education! Don’t wait, the sale ends on December 20, 2019. Below is an unboxing video I created about a few of the bundles I received!!!