#38 Seeing The Child Behind The Behavior with Jeff Koziatek On My Way To School with Adam Peterson

Jeff Koziatek is an award winning international entertainer, speaker, coach, and author.  His book, Blueprint For Value, is an amazing read that is designed to help you discover and strengthen your personal worth.  In this episode he shares one of his 52 Habits that will help you on your journey to seeing your own value.  See more from Jeff at his website coreauthenticity.com Watch and share my TEDx talk!  –  Get my book here #teachplaylearn Listen To My Other Podcasts The Classroom Collaborative & Teach, Play, Learn! http://www.adampetersoneducation.com  –  www.makesomeonesdayyellow.com — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/onmywaytoschool/message
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