Board Games + Writing!

We Played A Fun Game AND Worked On Sight Words!

If you’re visiting this blog chances are you already know I love to find ways to include PLAY into as many parts of my classroom as possible. This week we used the children’s board game, Sequence For Kids, to practice sights words and writing skills. What is Sequence, you ask? Sequence is a board game where the main goal is to get five of your playing chips in a row before your opponent does. The five in a row can be across, up and down, or diagonal. In order to place a chip on the board, you must first play a matching animal card. When a player plays a card they draw a new one to always have three cards in their hand. There are some more rules and special cards included in the game, but for the purpose of this blog and activity those are the basic directions.

To turn this into a reading and writing activity we focused on two sight words that my student was needing some extra help. The words he needed to practice were ‘that’ and ‘was’. So, we made up sentences using the words, the animal on the card played, and a characteristic of that animal. The sentences all followed the same pattern of, The (animal) was (characteristic), to give him repetition of reading the sight words multiple times.

My student was super focused on the reading and writing that he even reminded me he needed to do it after his turn when I forgot! The game of Sequence paired with this activity was a fun, engaging, and play-driven way to practice sight words, share knowledge of animal characteristics, and work on writing. I live for the #teachplaylearn moments like these, especially when I see my students having so much fun learning! -I hope this finds you well.